1. Elm: nudging you toward good design
  2. Use your editor to write simpler code


  1. Using custom inputs with Simple Form
  2. Switching from Vim to Emacs
  3. Ruby protected methods
  4. Up and running with Lotus
  5. Some of my favourite podcasts
  6. Writing custom RSpec matchers
  7. Wrestling JSON with jq


  1. Combining Vim and Ctags
  2. Tips for writing better Cucumber steps
  3. Working with Rails Attributes magic
  4. Using Ruby command line options
  5. Navigating project files with Vim


  1. Fuzzy-find all the things with Selecta
  2. Using and abusing RSpec metadata
  3. Working with Postgresql on the command line
  4. Programming Awk for fun and profit


  1. Modular front-end code in Rails
  2. Vim advanced search and replace
  3. FactoryGirl Tips and Tricks
  4. Rails decorator patterns
  5. Introducing Rpub, a simple ePub generation library
  6. Presentation: Getting started with ruby
  7. A Ruby gem for the bol.com developer API
  8. Shell scripting to the rescue
  9. Generating fancy URLs with Rails


  1. Customize your ZSH prompt with vcs_info
  2. Clarify your Git history with merge commits
  3. Compiling Vim with Ruby support
  4. Taking advantage of foreground and background processes
  5. Testing Rails 3 routing constraints objects
  6. Retro-fitting Git branches
  7. The Javascript Class Pattern
  8. The nanoc-cachebuster Gem
  9. Why I don't need Alfred App
  10. The Productive Macs bundle
  11. The a.block pattern


  1. Tagging links for Google Analytics
  2. Tagger: Easier Google Analytics URL Tagging
  3. Why I like Nanoc
  4. On Using Vim
  5. Internet Explorer 6 and media types
  6. Modifying Subversion commit messages
  7. Using relatedTarget in Javascript event handlers
  8. Quick text manipulation with Ruby
  9. Issues using VCSCommand with MacVim
  10. ZSH arguments-fu
  11. Using Postbox
  12. Test Apache configuration syntax
  13. Introducing ╬╝til
  14. Javascript typeof Nodelist


  1. jQuery custom selectors
  2. Subversion branching
  3. Snow Leopard web development configuration
  4. Internet Explorer and base elements
  5. Removing deleted files from the Git staging area
  6. Awesome Javascript memoization
  7. Using git stash branch
  8. Creating new Jekyll posts
  9. Publishing a Jekyll website to a server
  10. Rake task to ping Google
  11. Using Jekyll to create websites
  12. Hello, world!