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jQuery custom selectors

I like writing jQuery plugins, so I can separate functionality into distinct units. But applying the plugin sometimes requires some logic I’d rather have in my plugin itself.

Example code

Say I want to create a plugin that creates a lightbox-style image zooming effect. I want to apply it to all links pointing at an image:

<a href="/images/photo1.jpg"><img src="/images/photo1.jpg"></a>

Here’s how I might call my awesome plugin in my main javascript file:

$(function() {
    // One option: create complex inline selectors:
    $('a[href$="jpg"], a[href$="png"]').awesome_plugin();

    // Second option: filtering
    $('a').filter(function() {

These both might work, but they move typical plugin logic to my javascript initializer. That’s not what I want.

Custom selector

The solution is so obvious I wonder why I did not think of it before: write a custom jQuery selector:

$(function() {

Awesome: concise and with clear intent. Here’s one way to implement it:

// Somewhere in my plugin
$.expr[':'].to_image = function(obj, index, meta, stack) {
    return $(obj).attr('href').match(/\.(png|gif|jpe?g)$/);

Now all the logic is nicely tucked away in my plugin.

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