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Internet Explorer 6 and media types

When trying to reduce the number of HTTP requests on a web project I was working on, I tried to combine my screen and print stylesheets into a single file. Using the @media declaration, one should be able to specify media-specific styles. Other browsers were ok, but as usual IE6 was playing up. My @media print block was completely ignored.

The setup

First, I had only generic rules and a single print block, like so:

body { font-size: 12px }
@media print {
    body { font-size: 12pt }

Then, I included the stylesheet on my page with a media type:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" media="screen, projection">

As I understood the specs all generic styles (outside the @media print block) should apply to the media specified in the link, while the print-specific styles should apply only to the print media type.

The solution

It seems the media type from the link overrides the @media print block in IE6, so removing that un-ignored those styles:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">

Then, in order to keep my generic styles (which are actually screen-only styles) from influencing my print styles, I used another @media block:

@media screen {
    body { font-size: 12px }
@media print {
    body { font-size: 12pt }

All was well and both my screen and print styles were picked up nicely. Now I could use one single stylesheet and remove one additional HTTP request, speeding up the site loading time.

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