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Hello, world!

I have decided to start blogging again. You are currently reading my new blog; my old blog is now gone (not really). It was time for a fresh start.

My old blog was launched well over five years ago – rather amazing, come to think of it. It was never very good or exciting, but I enjoyed writing and tinkering with my own website. It got some traffic, some incoming links and some followers among friends and family, but nothing special. I would be lying if I’d say I weren’t slightly disappointed. Deep down I was hoping, or maybe assuming, I’d someday become an awesome celebrity blogger.

Unconscious disappointment turned into negligence, leaving my blog unattended for over a year. In the meantime I have taken up Twitter, but I found I sometimes wish I had more than 120 characters. I missed blogging.

Launching my new blog

I decided to create a new site and get rid of all the distractions of blogging and concentrate on the writing. This site no longer aims to be a portal of me, a magazine, tumble log or even a blog – since that would imply a topic and frequency. This new site has simply become my website, where I occasionally write, if and when I want to.

I’ve gotten rid of a dynamic CMS1 in favour of publishing static HTML pages – about which I’ll write more soon. I can tell you now that it makes managing my site a hell of a lot easier: there a far fewer moving parts.

New blog… Really?

I’m not announcing new regular updates. This is just a site with some pages I write. That’s all.

Oh, and it’s got a feed. Stay in the loop.

  1. I started out on Blogger, moved to Wordpress and then to Chyrp; I even flirted with Movable Type and TextPattern. None ever really satisfied me. 

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Arjan van der Gaag

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