My Projects

Seasoned Git – Practical recipes for the intermediate Git user

With over 80 practical recipes for real-world scenarios, Seasoned Git will help you get out of confusing situations, understand what’s going on, and improve your workflow. Seasoned Git will be sold as an ebook suited for iPad, Kindle and desktop reading.

Beat Impostor Syndrome

A website with background information, links and resources around dealing with impostor syndrome as software developer, built as a companion site to my 2014 ArrrrCamp presentation about Impostor Syndrome.

bol – Ruby gem for the API

The bol gem is a wrapper around the developer API, allowing you to query their webshop for products and retrieve all sorts of product details and imagery, and list popular products by category. It integrates with their affiliate marketing program.

rpub – Ruby gem for generating ebooks from plain text files

Rpub is a command-line tool you can use to generate a .epub (or .mobi) file from a set of simple plain text files, written in Markdown. It handles the ePub boilerplate files for you, as well as images, table of contents, layout and style. Rpub allows you to focus on the writing.

typogruby – Ruby gem for improving web typography

Typogruby is a simple Ruby gem that provides a set of text filters to handle some of the more tedious tasks of web typography for you. It adds HTML markup to any piece of text to prevent widows, style ampersands, leading quotes, abbreviations and special characters.

rocks – Sass mixins library for modular stylesheets

In order to keep stylesheets of non-trivial size maintainable, you need conventions and modularity, so you can stop worrying about the mundane and focus and what’s special. Rocks is a little library of mixins for commonly used layouts and styles that can help DRY up your stylesheets.


Minor projects and frivolous things

I keep some more stuff lying around in my Github account:

  • Bitten is a simple experiment for bit field attributes for Ruby objects.
  • Arrate is a set of custom templates to make better use of Rails generators.
  • ExampleGroupTimer is an RSpec formatter to find slow example groups in your spec suite.
  • Gista is a command-line Gist client and Ruby library.
  • Nawl is a silly little Gem for applying the null object-pattern to Rails models.
  • rupt is a sensible command-line client for the Pivotal Tracker API. Its functional, but rough around the edges.
  • dotfiles contains my collection of configuration files to set up my shell environment how I like it.
  • oo is a little Javascript library to make working with classes and modules a little easier.
  • nanoc-cachebuster is a plugin for the static site compiler Nanoc, providing asset fingerprinting for optimal client-side caching.
  • subtrigger provides a DSL for writing hook scripts for Subversion repositories.
  • mutil is a tiny Javascript library for simple DOM manipulation and OOP.